Decentralized ride-hail
for the on-demand

Zoom Rides is a free payment and drive platform for ride-service professionals. Public hail, scheduled & private rides. The app is completely free for drivers and was made for the people.

I'm a driver I'm a rider

Be a part of history and make the move.

Zoom Rides will revolutionize the ride-hail and taxi industry.

Ride-hail is expected to grow eightfold to $285B by 2030

Source: MarketWatch, Caitlin Huston

“Right now, they estimate the global taxi market is worth $108 billion, which is triple the size of the $36-billion ride-hailing market. At the same time, they calculate an average of 15 million ride-hailing trips a day globally, which they expect to increase to 97 million by 2030.”

Transparent Pricing

The app reveals personalized ride fares being offered by owner operated drivers to meet demand in their area. Riders see a complete breakdown of costs per ride and choose their driver of choice.

On Repeat

Riders can choose their favorite drivers while drivers benefit from repeat customers. People can connect and take Rides by Choice™ with trusted neighborhood and local drivers.

A Living Wage
Within Reach

Drivers set your own rates and operate on your terms. Zoom App provides payment solutions and hassle free reporting, no strings attached. No corporate “take rate” from the fare you setup. It’s all yours.


Riders with special requirements can use our AI matching system to get paired up with the right driver and vehicle. Riders with hearing, vision, or mobility considerations can find their drivers. Women who prefer a female driver can feel safer by choosing who drives them.

Unlimited Services

Busy Cities

Rural Areas

We believe the time is right to introduce Zoom as a revolutionary, game-changing innovation in the ride-hail and taxi industry today.

We believe our business model will allow us to capitalize on domestic markets as well as the strong growth in global and emerging markets, driving gains for the economy overall.

That is why we believe that together we are the right company, in the right place, at the right time.