Drivers, set your own rates and make 100%

Download the driver app
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The first driver
to complete

25 rides in a month will
win $250 plus 2 VIP party passes.

* Every contest starts the first day of the month and ends when the first driver completes 25 rides. In the event of a tie both drivers will be compensated. Drivers reaching ride volumes over 50 rides a month will be eligible for the Elite program and guaranteed the best of the best swag and recognition.

You’re in control of your own rates

You add the base rate, per minute, per mile, and cancellation fees. Change it at any time to meet demand. All the money is yours.

Free for drivers

Earn 100% of the rates you set up. No monthly fees and no services fee for drivers. Our riders fund the app by paying a small service fee. It’s a perfect harmony.

Single rides & repeat customers

Create private lists of repeat customers, connect on social media, and always be available to offer on-demand service for new customers. Ask riders to favorite you for repeat future rides. Create an enjoyable experience for your riders and keep them coming back.

Unlimited Services

Busy Cities

Rural Areas

We believe the time is right to introduce Zoom as a revolutionary, game-changing innovation in the ride-hail and taxi industry today.

We believe our business model will allow us to capitalize on domestic markets as well as the strong growth in global and emerging markets, driving gains for the economy overall.

That is why we believe that together we are the right company, in the right place, at the right time.