Company Summary

Zoom App Technologies, Inc was founded in San Diego, California in 2017. The company operates a decentralized ride-hail platform connecting riders with local drivers in cities worldwide. The app gives drivers the freedom to set private ride-rates and earn 100 percent. It is funded by rider service fees, and offers competitive ride-hail in major cites and rural areas through it’s peer-to-peer marketplace.

Zoom offers a solution to make the ride-hailing sector more sustainable for both riders and drivers by decentralizing it completely.

The app is free to drivers as independent assets developing private and public rider networks. In contrast, we believe the transportation network companies (TNCs) or managed services providers (MSPs) that are taking a large portion of drivers money are simply running cheap taxi services and exploiting everyone that uses it. Zoom’s innovative technology enables drivers to capitalize on their ride service business without the corporate overhead. It’s up to the driver to have insurance, a nice car, polite behavior, background checks and mints on the seat if they want to book perpetual rides. The community will decide.


We believe drivers deserve to earn a more than fair living to adequately make a positive impact on society and the on-demand economy. The best part about Zoom is seeing what they will do with it. The app is designed to bring out creativity for everyone who uses it. Drivers and riders are encouraged to connect and build networks that are dependable, trustworthy, and in the end, serve family and friends the greatest ride experience ever.


Ride services are in demand globally and there is a significant room for growth for expansion and taking an idea to work. Doing the right thing and simplicity of the platform is going to make global adoption easier and faster. Large ride-hailing services have been unable to see profits due to their operational costs and mis-management of expectations making them unsustainable and inhumane.